2022 Season: Projections of Cuban Hitters

By Pablo Pichardo

After a long wait, the 2022 MLB season opened up today, giving way to what looks to be an unforgettable year for the many fans who live, enjoy and suffer this beautiful game.

Many sites, specialists and fans have vaulted themselves into the prediction game, regarding what could be happening this season. There is no doubt that the best months of the year are ahead of us.

As usual, the Cuban contingent draw a lot of interest among their followers after a 2021 season in which Cuban baseball had a great year, mainly due to the many awards achieved by the players of this island.

Shortly before the first “Play Ball!” yell was heard, Swing Completo searched for the predictions of Cuban-born players for this 2022, according to the web site The Bat. Their performance are expected to be extraodrdinary.

Yordan Álvarez about to write golden pages

The Las Tunas-born player for the Houston Astros was the Cuban with the best performance in 2022, and could be one of the team’s main actors if they make it to the World Series.

Yordan is looking into coming close to 100 RBIs (97), as he expected to hit over 30 homers and have over 150 runs produced. Predictions also have him at the top of his country’s players in important metrics such as SLG (.533),  OPS (.893) and wOBA (.375). 

There is no doubt that if Álvarez manages these numbers he will bring a lot to talk about during the season and his name will have to be included among the candidates for multiple awards.

Abreu to break several individual marks

After having been selected as the 2020 MVP, what else can we expect from the Cienfuegos-born slugger?

This 2022 season is expected to be a special one for the White Sox first baseman, because how close he is to several personal marks that might leave his name recorded within the history of the franchise.

His projections point that he might not surpass 100 RBI or 30 homers, but history is on his side and getting those numbers is not impossible for such a talented player.

Follow him up! Another 20-20 player is approaching 

Since he started playing for the Tampa Bay Rays, the Pinar del Río-born has not gotten tired of breaking barriers and making all fans fall in love with him due to his style of play.

After winning the ALCS MVP, the Cuban made history with a 20-20 season that, among other things, enabled him to be selected Rookie of the Year.

Although his team is not among the favored to win the Division this year–as per specialists–, the season is very promising for the Cuban, who might get another 20-20 season. Projections have him with 22 homers and 18 steals.

Luis Robert to reach stardom

Many people consider the Ciego de Avila outfielder to be the player to bring the biggest surprises of the season among Cubans if injuries don’t slow him down once more.

La Pantera, as he is known, showed this spring training that he is coming with his sights set on a great year after hitting .361 with 12 RBIs and three round-trippers in 14 games.  

Robert, according to predictions, 

According to the projections, Robert will lead all Cubans in hits (154), going over 100 for the first time in his career, while also registering 32 doubles.

If he managed to achieve these marks, the Cuban would be involved in his best campaign after he made his 2020 debut, although the biggest problem in his performance has been the injuries.

Predictions for the best number for Cubans

Batting average: 

  • José Iglesias (Colorado) .288
  • Luís Robert (White Sox) .278
  • Yordan Álvarez (Astros) .276


  • Luís Robert (White Sox) 87
  • Yordan Álvarez (Astros)  87
  • José Abreu (White Sox) 85


  • Luís Robert (White Sox) 154
  • José Abreu (White Sox) 152
  • Yordan Álvarez (Astros)  147


  • Yordan Álvarez (Astros)  34
  • Jorge Soler (Marlins) 29
  • José Abreu (White Sox) 29

Runs Batted In:

  • José Abreu (White Sox) 88
  • Luís Robert (White Sox) 82

Stolen Bases:

  • Randy Arozarena (Tampa) 18
  • Luís Robert (White Sox) 14
  • Adolis García (Texas) 11

On-Base Percentage

  • Yasmani Grandal (White Sox) .366
  • Yordan Álvarez (Astros)  .360
  • Yandi Díaz .357

Slugging Percentage

  • Yordan Álvarez (Astros)  .533
  • Luís Robert (White Sox) .494
  • José Abreu (White Sox) .476

On-Base Plus Slugging

  • Yordan Álvarez (Astros)  .893
  • Yasmani Grandal (White Sox) .834
  • Luís Robert (White Sox) .831

Wins Above Replacement

  • Yasmani Grandal  (White Sox) 4.9
  • Luís Robert (White Sox) 4.1
  • Yordan Álvarez (Astros) 3.7

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