All-Star Game Rosters for Cuban Baseball National Series Revealed

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

This Tuesday, March 15, Cuban baseball authorities made the official announcement of the rosters for the teams of Occidentales (Westerners) and Otientales (Easterners), which will participate in the 61st National Series All-Star Game. The match will be played in Estadio Victoria de Girón of Matanzas, next March 20th.

According to what had been previously announced, each team will have 26 players, including two catchers, eight infielders, five outfielders, a designated hitter and ten pitchers. The selection will be made following the statistics of what has happened this 61st National Series, up to the series that ended last Sunday March 13th.

The coaching staff will be formed by a manager, two coaches, two pitching coaches, a delegate, a doctor and two physical therapists.

The All-Star Weekend will start on March 19 at 1:00pm with the traditional skills tests (race from home to first, catcher’s barrel throw, race around the bases, outfield throw and timed double plays), the first round of the Homerun Derby and a Little League game between Bayamo, Cuba’s reigning champion, and Matanzas, the host.

The next day, also at 1:00pm, the final round of the Homerun Derby will take place, followed by the 2022 Cuban Baseball All-Star Games between the teams of Occidentales and Orientales.


Catchers (2): Richel López (CFG) and Oscar Valdés (IND)

Infielders (8): Reidel Pedraza (VCL), Yasiel Santoya (IND), Osbel Pacheco (ART), Juan M. Martínez (MAY), Dayán García (ART), Andrés Hernández (IND), Juan Carlos Arencibia (PRI) and Sandy Menocal (IND)

Outfielders (5): Carlos de la Tejera (ART), Juan Carlos López (VCL), Yasniel González (MAY), Eliseo Rojas (IJV) and Yusniel Ibáñez (CFG)

Designated Hitter (1): William Saavedra (PRI)

Pitchers (10): Yulián Quintana (MAY), Yosvani Torres (PRI), Naykel Cruz (MTZ), Erlys Casanova (PRI), Yoenni Yera (MTZ), Marlon Vega (MAY), Hermes González (CFG), Kendry Hernández (IJV), Yamichel Pérez (MTZ) and Luis A. Padrino (IJV)

Manager: Michael González (MAY)


Catchers (2): Rafael Viñales (LTU) and Alfredo Fádraga (CAV)

Infielders (8): Yordanis Samón (CMG), Pedro Pablo Revilla (GTM), Raúl González (CAV), Dasiel Sevila (SCU), Adriel Labrada (SCU), Alexander Ayala (CMG), Moisés Esquerrés (SSP) and Yordanis Alarcón (LTU)

Outfielders (5): Yoelkis Guibert (SCU), Over Cremé (GTM), Alexquemer Sánchez (GRA), Carlos Gómez (SSP) and Leonel Moas Jr. (CMG)

Designated Hitter (1): Frederich Cepeda (SSP)

Pitchers (10): Ariel Zerquera (CAV), Danny Betancourt (SCU), Alejandro Meneses (LTU), Yuen Socarras (SSP), Yoendri Montero (SCU), Juan Sebastián Contreras (CMG), César García (GRA), Alexander Valiente (GTM), Carlos Juan Viera (LTU) and Kelbis Rodríguez (GRA).

Manager: Eriel Sánchez (SSP)

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