Aroldis Chapman to Lose over 100K per Canceled Game

By Daniel de Malas/

Star closer Aroldis Chapman is one of the players that will be losing a lot of money per game, if MLB ultimately cancels regular season games this 2022. In his case, he will be losing over 100,000 dollars per missed outing.

The most important baseball topic for months has nothing to do with balls or strikes, but with the ongoing strife between Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association. Both parties have failed to reach an agreement and have jeopardized the 2022 seasons, to the point of the announcement made by Commissioner Robert D. Manfred about the cancellation of games, which would shorten the season from 162 games to 154.

This monday, however, it was known that if they were to reach an agreement soon (Tuesday, 8 p.m. ET as deadline) the schedule will be readjusted so that a single game is not missed. So, there is still hope that 162 matches might be played.

“Another week of the 2022 season to be canceled unless an agreement is reached tomorrow (today, Tuesday, March 8), said MLB and several media reports. If there is an agreement tomorrow (today), the campaign will have 162 games, adjusting the schedule, other reports add. Let’s cross our fingers.”

Every canceled game is one event less in the record books and less money in the pockets of all involved in the sport, from hot-dog vendors in the ballparks to the billionaire owners, and of course, the players.

Aroldis Chapman, will not escape from the potential income cut, and his bank will see a few thousand dollars less for every game his team misses.

The law is simple: you get paid for the games you play.

And the math is even simpler. The yearly salary divided by 162 is what Aroldis Chapman makes per game.

The Cuban flamethrower should make 18 million dollars in 2022, in what should be his last year before free agency–unless the Yankees decide to make an extension.

Those 18 million provide a value of about $111,000 per game (exactly $111,111), money Aroldis will lose if there is no agreement between MLB and the MLBPA.

So, we can add another reason to want baseball not to miss a single inning this upcoming season.

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