Cuban Major Leaguer: “I Have Another Father, and He Is a Character”

By Migue Guerra

The love of a father transcends all limits, and is such a deep feeling that it pushes human beings to make unimaginable sacrifices. In the toughest moments, both our parents will be there to provide strength and support. We owe them what and who we are.

One of the Cuban major leaguers has a story to tell about that.

Matanzas-born outfielder Guillermo Heredia, who on February 26, 2021 was a special guest in our night el Show de Swing Completo, where he shared a special story about his father and also a major leaguer he considers a second father.

“My father has been an all-in-one person in my personal and professional life. He has been there every day, and even though he is now in Cuba, we keep exceptional communication and talk almost every day.

“My father lives for my profession,” he continued. “My mother asks: ‘My boy, how do you feel? Is everything okay?’ When my father grabs the phone, his first words are: ‘How is training going? How are you getting ready? What are you doing?’”

Then he added:

“He is like my hitting coach, my physical trainer and my psychologist. He is always there when I need him and gives me courage and strength.”

“A few days ago, when I was not mentally comfortable about how business go in baseball, he told me: ‘Easy. These are things that are not in your hands. I know you understand and you are upset, but we have no control over those things. God willing, something good will come for your baseball career again.’”

You are talking about your father, but in the Major Leagues you have another father…

“I have several fathers in the big leagues, he is one of them,” said Heredia, making reference to a photo displayed in the show of Dominican star Robinson Canó.

“My relationship with him is personal, off the field. He is a character. In my opinion, he is a character.”

He also said:

“I supported him and I will continue supporting him as a friend. He is always going to be an idol for me, a 100-percent ballplayer, he is going to be a star of this baseball. As a person, there are no words to describe who Robinson Canó is, and to me he is everything.”

Then, Guillermo Heredia concluded:

“He has helped me in everything. He is a person I am grateful to. He has a lot to do with my career here in the United States.”

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