Cuban Star Arrived in Mexico and Granted First Statements

By Pablo Pichardo

The Mexican Baseball League (LMB: Liga Mexicana de Béisbol) starts to get ready with the preseason training and the arrival of many of its key players, including some Cubans who will take part in the tournament.

This Monday, the team Saraperos de Saltillo, managed by Roberto Vizcarra, will start its training for the upcoming season, to start next April 21, aiming to improve the results of the previous season, when they had a 36-30 ledger.

Cuban infielder Rubi Silva recently arrived in Mexico, returning to the tournament after participating in the Liga de Beisbol Profesional Nacional (LBPN), where he averaged .328 with seven homeruns and 28 RBI.

Upon his arrival, he said he was grateful for the opportunity the team was giving him, apart from being very pleased to return to the training camps. His goal is to do his job to help the ballclub.

In 2016, the 32-year-old played with Unión Laguna for the last time, with a .194 batting average, five extra bases and five RBI in 24 games.

“Several years ago, I took part in the tournament and in this opportunity I am only coming to bring my way of playing to help the team win games, which is the most important thing,” said the player.

He might adapt to the team and the league faster, helped by several fellow Cubans who have played with him, including Henry Urrutia, Josuán Hernández and Carlos Juan Viera.

“I have played with Urrutia, and we know each other very well because we are fellow countrymen. Some other players will be joining the team in several days, and I will start to get to know them during the tournament,” he concluded.

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