EXCLUSIVE: ACPBP Reveals Uniforms

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

Recently, World Baseball and Softball Confederation (WBSC) President Riccardo Fraccari sent a message regarding the intent of the Association of Cuban Professional Baseball Players (ACPBP), which was made public in the Cuban TV show Bola Viva.

In his message, Fraccari stated that “only the National Federations are entitled to represent the teams who are part of the competitions sanctioned by this body” and, therefore, “nothing outside of the FCB (Cuban Baseball Federation) will be possible as long as it is qualified WBSC-sanctioned tournaments,” he said.

“The only organizations who can organize a national team with the color, the flag, the name, are the National Federations in any event sanctioned by the WBSC ,” said Fraccari in his communiqué.

This video is evidently addressed to alert the recently created Asociación de Peloteros Cubanos Profesionales (ACPBP: Association of Cuban Professional Baseball Players) and try to limit its endeavor to fulfill one of its main objectives: the creation of a Cuban Independent team to participate in the World Baseball Classic.

Such team would be formed, mainly, by Cuban players who perform in US professional baseball or any other league with similar characteristics, outside of the control of the FCB, but without ruling out the National Series players, mainly those with the necessary quality to be included in the preliminary roster.

To speak about this and other related subjects, the President and General Coordinator of the ACPBP Mario Fernández spoke to Daniel de Malas in the Noticiero con Swing, a space broadcast in our YouTube channel.

Fernández clarified the objectives and intentions of the ACPBP, from its foundation and during its first weeks of existence, and commented on the main ideas they have for the future, apart from showing the legal possibilities the association has.

The most important moment of the interview was, without question, the exclusive Fernández had for Swing Completo, which was the revelation of the possible uniforms for an independent Cuban National Team, which could be called “Cubanos”, and the designs have been made by prominent designer Carlos Rojas.

The ACPBP president offered some details about the designs, and thanked Rojas for his excellent work, while launching a survey for all fans of Cuban baseball to vote for the one they consider to be their favorite.

We share the designs with you.

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