FCB Announces Team for Games in Venezuela

The team will include a player from the WBC

By Alex Fernández Fernández

Cuba announced its team for the V ALBA Games, an event of the most modest level but which obviously needs to be won by the Cuban baseball.

A total of eight pitchers, five infielders and an equal number of outfielders form the basis of the team, including one of the players who participated in the most recent World Baseball Classic: Andrys Perez.

The news was reported in the official media of Inder, Jit, which announced the roster that will be from the 21st to the 29th of this month in Venezuela, in Caracas, Miranda and La Guaira.

To play, the team, which will be directed by Julio César Álvarez from Villa Clara, will have no other than a team from Russia. The Europeans are visiting Havana.

Without further ado, the roster exposed by Jit.

Catchers: Andrys Pérez García (MTZ) and Leonardo Montero Alfonso (VCL).

Infielders: Yasel Pérez Acosta (LTU), Carlos Rafael Rodríguez González (LTU), Cristian Leandro Rodríguez García (VCL), Jeifer Rodríguez Hernández (PRI) and Adrián Jesús Pérez García (MTZ).

Outfielders: Carlos Alberto Monier Torres (SCU), Darián Palma Fonseca (GRA), Dani de Jesús Oramas Navarro (CFG), Daniel de Jesús González Grey (SSP) and Dairon Montalvo Castillo (CAV).

Pitchers: Alex Guerra Garcé (SSP), Alexander Valiente Rodríguez (GTM) Enyer Fernández Favier (GTM), Dorbis Lornet Navarro Queralta (IJV), Randy Cueto Pérez (VCL), Marlon Vega Travieso (MAY), José Ignacio Bermúdez García (MAY) and Luis Alejandro Serpa Socarrás (CFG).

Manager: Julio César Álvarez Pérez, whose coaching staff also includes José Alberto Peña Guerrero, Donald Duarte Hernández, Fredy Mario Rodríguez Campos and Gualberto Quesada Pedroso.

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