Guillermo Heredia: “I Admit I Won’t Play for that (Unified) Team”

By Migue Guerra

Few Cubans have had the fortune and the honor of being World Series Champions. Such an exclusive list includes one of the most charismatic and beloved ballplayers in recent times.

Having an explosive and passionate character, his contributions go beyond the game itself. He was a dugout and clubhouse influence in the victory of his team, the Atlanta Braves, in the 2021 World Series.

The player is no other than Guillermo Heredia, who, despite not being a starter that postseason, brought a lot of support for his team from the bench, celebrating each hit, each important play in the victory of Atlanta.

Everything related to the Association of Cuban Professional Baseball Players (ACPBP) is still on the news, from the activities they are carrying out to the most ambitious projects, which many people consider to be not such a far reality.

The ACPBP has many goals to fulfill, but perhaps the most popular is the creation of an Independent Cuban National Team for it to participate in the upcoming World Baseball Classic tournament.

The Cuban outfielder showed his position regarding the topic of the famous “Cuban Dream Team”, in our night show, el Show de Swing Completo, on February 26, 2021. Although there was particular reference to a Cuban national team, including the players who are still on the island, what Heredia had to say is very interesting.

“I would love to go to the World Baseball Classic again, although I know I would not be able to play. I don’t care, but I would love to go there. That World Baseball Classic looks different now.”

“If they let everyone who is here play, the team gets interesting, people used to say there was no pitching, but there are enough pitchers in the Majors and enough in the Minors.”

“There are many teams that attend the Classic with the players who play in Winter Leagues and some from the minors, and the Cuban team ‘rocks’ there.”

You said that you wouldn’t play on that team. If you don’t play, who would be the center fielder?

“I can’t because there are many. I admit I won’t play for that team, even to be part of the roster would be hard for me.”

“Right now, we have Luis Robert, a heck of a ballplayer, he is in such a shape that brings a lot to talk about, and we have Yasmani Tomás, who has not played much in the big leagues for this or that reason, but he can play. There is Leonys Martín also… like I said, there are many here in the United States, plus those who have played in Japan or Korea.”

“There are many players who WILL be in that Team Cuba.”

Team Cuba plays with everyone (the ones who are in Cuba and the ones whoa aren’t), who manages that team?

“Alfonso Urquiola. There are many managers with results, but I like him because he has been the one who has won a Caribbean Series and has managed outside of Cuba. He knows about professional baseball and has good results. He is also a tremendous coach and a tremendous person.”

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