Henry Urrutia Talks about Experience in Caribbean Series

Henry Urrutia has made highlights both in Mexico and the Dominican Republic

By Guillermo Sánchez

Henry Urrutia gave an exclusive statement to Swing Completo on the day of the semifinals of the “Gran Caracas 2023” Caribbean Series.

Prior to the semifinal match against Mexico at the Jorge Luis García Carneiro stadium in La Guaira, the player offered some exclusive words to Swing Completo.

Here is Henry Urrutia’s complete interview for Swing Completo

How did you feel when you faced the club Los Agricultores de Granma y Las Tunas?

Look, I felt very happy and far from the results that the team presented I saw a team that had a lot of desire to win, I think they still have to continue working on many things but they are very good, I see them very well. I was very happy to be reunited with my friends, guys I haven’t seen for many years and I enjoyed it a lot.

How does it feel for you to represent the Dominican Republic and face Cuba in a Caribbean Series?

Try to imagine! When you come to a Caribbean Series with a team that has a pool of so many players, it is a privilege to be part of a team like the Dominican Republic. And facing my country is a mixed feeling, I would have liked to be with them in other circumstances, at least we shared the field and did our job there.

What was the key to Henry Urrutia’s great season in LIDOM?

A lot of work, a lot of concentration, discipline. To continue working every day and above all, brother, a lot of faith in God, I think that has been the key for me.

Henry Urrutia’s numbers in LIDOM with Gigantes del Cibao were admirable, he left a powerful average of .318/.387/.813 with two homers, 21 RBI and 14 runs scored in 42 games and 148 official at-bats.

From here we wish you the best of success Henry, with all our hearts we hope you crown yourself in this Series and in your personal life. SUCCESS!

See the interview in Spanish:

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