La Potencia in Cuba: Céspedes Is Back in his Land

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Next April 7 will mark the official start of the 2022 MLB regular reason. Since last March 17, players and club invitees began their Spring Training, featuring over 40 Cuban players.

Although many expect the future return of Yoenis Céspedes to the Big Show, the behavior of the Granma-born slugger might indicate otherwise, even if he has not made his MLB retirement official. Last November, it was known that he was in Havana, and even in a Meliá hotel of the Cuban capital.

To many’s surprise, since the beginning of this month, Céspedes is in his native Campechuela with his family, enjoying his roots and the farming life he has refused to leave behind. As usual, he stays away from cameras, social media and the press.

His presence in his native country draws the attention of those who expect his return to the National Series, and even those who long to see him with the Cuban National Team, as the 2023 World Baseball Classic seems around the corner.

User Rafel Ramón Blancos Torres shared images from March 1, 12 and 18 along with a group of friends thanking the presents made by Yoenis, a glove and a jersey with his well-known #52. There were even photos of “La Potencia” standing with two young men working out as he wore his usual cowboy boots and farming clothes.

“Aquí con la potencia Céspedes de visita en mi casa, gracias por el regalo hermano y por hacernos la visita gracias campeón que dios te bendiga siempre” fue el mensaje que acompañaba su publicación.

After “La Potencia” signed his multi-million-dollar contract with the New York Mets in 2016, and an eight-year career in the big show since his debut nearly a decade ago, and being the only Latin American player to win two consecutive Home Run Derby competitions (2013-2014), helped him make about $130 million dollars.

At 36, and following a last MLB stage plagued by injuries and with only eight games played since the end of the 2018 season, plus his lack of commitment to his franchise until 2020, and with zero economic concerns, it looks like his life is aiming elsewhere, closer to Cuba than to the MLB.

Meanwhile, fans are dreaming about his half-brother Yoelqui’s debut with the Chicago White Sox in the near future–he was invited to the 2022 Spring Training and is touted as one of the top prospects of the organization.

Now, images of Céspedes in Cuba.

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