Lázaro Montes signed with Seattle Mariners, for almost 3 million

By Jerry Díaz/ @Jerryto94

There are three Cubans who are in the Top 10 of prospects in this period of international signings. In position two is Cristian Vaquero who reached an agreement with the Washington Nationals. In fifth place was the former National Series player with the Santiago de Cuba, Oscar Colás, who reached an agreement with the Chicago White Sox.

The third Cuban present in the Top 10 was the talented outfielder Lázaro Montes (position 8). The young man of just 17 years signed this January 15 with the Seattle Mariners with a bonus of 2.5 million dollars.

Montes has an impressive physique at 6 feet 4 inches tall and 205 pounds. He is expected to play center field although he may move to either corner. He does not expect a powerful arm or a great glove, but the expectations with his power at the bat are really striking.

He now joins the Mariners’ farms with fellow Cuban Víctor Labrada. This January 15, the Mariners also signed the Colombian Michael Arroyo and the Dominican Martín González.

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