Michel Enríquez on Being Left off the Cuban Team: “It Was Not Decent”

Michel Enríquez spoke up about how he got scratched off the Cuban National Team for the 2013 WBC

By Migue Guerra

The stellar third baseman from Cuba, Michel Enriquez, was one of the most consistent figures in the Cuban Teams during his time as a player, especially in the first two editions of the World Baseball Classic.

Despite his seniority, 2013 was a special year for the infielder because he finished as the second in batting average among all the players in the Cuban National Series.

For this reason he was a strong candidate for the Cuban team that would participate in the third edition of the World Classic, which was scheduled for that same year.

However, Michel Enríquez was not called for the pre-selection of the Antillean team.

It was controversial decision that generated strong debates among all the fans, who were looking for a concrete reason for such inexplicable decision.

Michel Enriquez confessed to us exclusively how the events occurred and his position on such a controversial decision.

“I was operated on in 2012. In 2013 we had the World Classic and it was said from the beginning: ‘we are going to take those who are in best shape at that time’.”

“When that (the National Series) halted, I was the second in BA, so I was satisfied.”

“They called me at noon and at one o’clock in the afternoon they would officially announce the team.”

“I was playing in Matanzas, but I left because I got hurt on my knee”.

“I took the call entering Havana, Jorge Fuentes called me who was the technical director at that time”.

“He told me: ‘We were calling you to tell you that you are not in the national team’s pre-selection’.”

“I told him: ‘first of all I thank you for having called me personally before it was made public, I am extremely grateful, but I think I deserve to hear the reasons face to face ‘.”

“They said that they were going to let me know, but they didn’t, which always happens…”

“I think they were not professional, it was not decent, it was not fine, it was not serious.”

“Then they hired me in Mexico, but I think it was to justify the fact that I was the first Cuban hired in Mexico”.

Were they unfair to Michel Enriquez? You can leave your opinion in the comments box.

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