New Controversy: Yasiel Puig Unleashes Debate with Alleged Documentary

Puig will always draw attention for anything related to him

By John Ortiz

Every time Yasiel Puig’s name comes up, it is almost always accompanied by controversy.

This time it happened on his Twitter account where he thought he understood that a Los Angeles Dodgers fan base would make a documentary for him.

Puig tweeted that he would not be at the event in question and asked his fans not to attend as he did not approve of it, “this documentary is fake. Very soon the real story will come from my own lips.”

“Don’t be fooled. I’m sorry @Pantone294 posted this and confused you,” Wild Horse alerted his followers.

Perhaps Puig thought this Dodgers fan page would talk about his time with the Chavez Ravine franchise.

They Just Wanted to Have a Nice Gesture with Puig

However, the account itself was quick to clarify the matter later, it was a misunderstanding and they were only looking for Dodgers fans who remembered his time with the Californian team.

“About the post on Yasiel Puig’s profile. We are not going to make a documentary, we are not going to have a fake event or any event at all. We aren’t involved or getting paid in any way.”

“We were just looking to gather fans who love Yasiel and wanted to talk about his time with the team and how much Dodgers fans and Los Angeles misses (sic) him. Simple as that, there was (sic) and are no ill intentions towards Yasiel,” reads @Pantone294’s post.

In short, it was just an exaltation to the figure of the explosive Cuban ballplayer who made an impact on the blue franchise even though, perhaps, he did not reach his full potential.

Yasiel Puig has been in the eye of the hurricane in recent times, because many felt he still had the potential to play in MLB.

However, he went to Korean baseball and then came that illegal gambling accusation that clouded a possible comeback.

The truth is that with Puig we are always left with the feeling that he has the potential for more.

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