OFFICIAL: Japan Denies Permits to Cuban Players to Play Regional Games

The Cuban Baseball Federation insists on having total control of every player

By Daniel de Malas

Cuban baseball is struggling in a complex scenario where it shines in the Major Leagues and succumbs under the reins of the Federation of the sport on the island. This Monday, news broke that those hired in Japan will not be able to play the Central American and Caribbean Games 2023.

As reported by several official Cuban media, this Monday confirmed what had been news for days sources had circulated on various digital platforms. The National Commissioner and President of the Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB), Juan Reinaldo Pérez Pardo, gave details to the local press on Monday, February 20.

The commissioner’s statements included details of the upcoming 62nd National Series. Yet, the most important of the news was that players contracted in the Japanese League will not be allowed to participate in the Central American and Caribbean Games, San Salvador 2023.

The Central American and Caribbean Games will be held from June 23 to July 8, 2023.

Perez Pardo assured that the FCB is negotiating 20 contracts for 2023, although he did not make clear how many will be to play in Japan or other leagues.

He even mentioned that the agreements with the Mexican and Canadian leagues have not yet been finalized, since “we are working on clauses” that will allow the contracted players to attend the Central American Games, in addition to the Pan American Games of Santiago 2023 and a previous tournament of the Americas, which would serve as a qualifier for Santiago 2023.

Once again, it is evident that the concept of “slave ball” applies entirely to the ball played in Cuba, since at no time does the FCB consider whether those under contract in other leagues want to participate in international events.

The FCB is totally focused on having all its “ballplayers” available for whatever it needs, regardless of rest, injury risk, performance or interest of the athletes.

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