Master of His Craft: Who Gets Yandy Díaz Out?

By Álex Fernández Fernández

Yandy Díaz has evidently reached sports maturity in Tampa Bay. His records are already considered among the best in baseball, which now has him with the third highest OBP (on-base percentage) of the season with .407.

A couple of days ago Yandy was even included in the top twenty of players hitting over .300, although now his statistics are slightly below with .294 and 83 hits. His batting average is even better his historical .275, in half a dozen seasons in the Major League. His OPS currently sits at .797.

This month of July has been the consecration of what by all accounts seems to be the MVP of the Florida-based franchise.

The tape, applied by trainer Shin Fukuda, has been one of the keys of the offensive line of the Villa Clara native to push Tampa Bay into the fight for one of the wild card spots for the playoffs, in a Division dominated by the Yankees and with Boston and Toronto in strong contention.

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