Yuli Gurriel’s Possible Salary Gets Leaked

Despite his age, Gurriel's skills make him an asset for any team intending to contend

By Guillermo Sánchez

Yulieski Gurriel’s story with the Houston Astros came to an end when he won the Fall Classic in 2022. Or did it?

Yuli is undoubtedly one of the most beloved Cubans in the MLB. Despite his relatively late arrival to the Big Show, he has paved the way with both charisma and numbers to make himself appreciated.

In his career at the highest level of baseball, Yulieski has left an offensive line of .284/.328/.776, with 94 round-trippers, 435 RBIs and 400 runs scored in 3046 at bats. That is not to mention two World Series rings, a batting title, and a Gold Glove.

If we add to this the charisma and the perennial smile he has both on and off the field, then we are talking about a player that everyone would like to have in their ranks, despite being 38.

In the same publication, Heyman added: “Dusty Baker is stumping to get Gurriel back with the Astros, though the fit is tight after they signed Jose Abreu.”

Heyman said that Yuli was after $3 million, and Baker seems to agree with him.

But, isn’t Yuli Gurriel worth more than that? His value was proven in the 2022 postseason, when he hot .404 with two homeruns in all three play offs. He also hit two homeruns and drove in five runs. Then he missed Game of the World Series 6 after an injury.

Besides, Gurriel still has the ability to play third base and second base as well as first. Despite his age, he has more athleticism than younger players. Also, even though he had an off year, he did amass 40 doubles.

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